Primary Medical: 2014 Reader's Choice, Best Family Doctor

Primary Medical wishes to thank our patients and voters who honored us as winner for "Best Family Doctor" in the 2014 Ventura County Star Readers' Choice Awards. Our healthcare team is grateful to be recognized by the community for our excellent patient care.

Primary Medical was established 20 years ago and has grown to include 12 physicans, 6 nurse practitioners, and 1 physican's assistant. Our staff serves patients in five offices in Ventura and Oxnard. All offices are accepting new patients and take most insurance plans, including Covered California, HMO,  PPO and Medicare. 

Primary Medical specializes in Pediatrics, Family Practice, Internal Medicine and Endocrinology. We use cutting-edge electronic medical records to help patients across all Primary Medical offices.

Our offices are family-friendly and our healthcare providers pay special attention to preventative care and regular monitoring for patients with chronic illnesses like high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease. 

Please join Primary Medical in welcoming two new doctors to our practice: Maria Banman Barrell, D.O., Family Practice and Lauren Ficks, M.D., Endocrinologist, to our Johnson Dr. location.


Dr.Laura Harman says Goodbye to Primary Medical

It is with sadness that Primary Medical announces that Dr.Harman is leaving Primary Medical at the end of August. She has made the decision to leave Family Practice to spend more time with her children and husband. 

If you are a Seaview HMO patient her enrollment was divided between Dr. Sherilyn Wheaton and Dr.Maria Banman Barrell. Many of you know Dr.Wheaton and Dr.Barrell and of their excellent reputations. We want to assure you that you will be in capable hands with both of them.  

For all of her patients you have the ultimate decision of who you choose as your new primary care physician. We advise you to review this website and read about our experienced providers. Primary Medical is well staffed and will continue to provided excellent medical care for all your continuing medical care. Dr.Harman highly recommends all of the physicians, nurse practitioners and our physican's assistant for your ongoing medical care. All of your medical records are stored on our server so your continuity of care will continue with here with Primary Medical.

Dr.Harman would like to thank everyone for choosing her as your primary physician and allowing her to participate in your medical care. Thank you for your understanding with this difficult decision that Dr.Harman has made.