Rapid Covid-19 Testing in Ventura

For Non Existing Patients

Which Test Should I Take?

Primary Medical now has COVID 19 testing available for the general public. 

If you are getting a COVID-19 rapid test due to requirements for work, travel, school or otherwise, please follow the guidelines given to you by the requesting authorities.


If you are getting a rapid test for your own purpose and need guidance as to which test to get, you can use this simple guideline:


  • If you are experiencing symptoms of COVID in the last 5 days, the AccessBio CareStart Rapid test is a good first step. If the test is negative, but you have a strong suspicion that you have the infection, you can repeat with a Mesa Biotech PCR test to confirm the results.

  • If you have been a contact to a COVID positive person or have concerns you have COVID, but have no symptoms, the Mesa Biotech PCR test is a better option.


Schedule Your Test

Testing will be conducted via nasopharyngeal swab while you remain in your car and results are generally reported within 60 minutes.


Schedule your Covid-19 test: