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What is a Nurse Practitioner (NP)? 

Primary Medical

Nurse Practitioners are dedicated to bridging the gaps in healthcare to meet the needs of patients in California by working independently and in collaboration with physicians they diagnose and manage acute and chronic conditions, prescribe medications, educate and counsel patients of healthcare issues.


Nurse Practitioner training was first developed 40 years ago. Nurse Practitioners are registered nurses, with advanced education and advanced clinical training, most with master’s or post master’s degrees. Nurse Practitioners play a critical role in meeting California’s medical needs.


Working hand-in-hand with other professionals, Nurse Practitioners improve the flexibility and responsiveness and efficiency of our health care system. Because of their focus on primary care, disease prevention, and counseling, Nurse Practitioners serve as health care first responders for many families, from weight management, blood pressure, dangerous infections to injuries.

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